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We provide personal and business communication workshops and coaching that promote self-responsibility, mutual understanding, and collaborative action. Our process concentrates on developing communication skills to help connect your entire organization.

As a result of working with me and my associates your team will learn the skills to communicate in ways that connect everyone to the vision and values of your company. These skills can be used on each project and in every encounter. You and your team will learn dialogue processes to address conflict as a productive tool so you can innovate and collaborate at a profound level. The agreements you reach utilizing this way of communicating will insure that every perspective from the individual, to the team, the company, and the larger community will be considered.

With this investment your team will act in unison, getting more done in less time. Be more productive.

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WHEN INTELLIGENT CREATIVE PEOPLE wrestle with difficult problems together conflict is inevitable, necessary and can be productive. The conventional way of dealing with conflict is to either argue or ignore the conflict altogether. When conflicts are dealt with in this way, it often leads to emotional upset, misunderstandings, wasted effort, and costly behaviors. In the worst case scenario, conflicts lead to an inability to maintain company values with disastrous long-term effects.

The only proven solution to deal with conflict is to communicate continuously and often with individual, team, and organizational visions, and shared values in mind. Of course, how to communicate honestly and respectfully during conflict is tricky.

The cultural change we help you instill in your company is how to communicate so people learn from conflict. This change of perspective - learning from conflict enables people to more easily resolve their disagreements and create cohesive strategies to move forward on specific projects.

With this perspective firmly reinforced the company will increase profits, enhance productivity, and pump-up innovation. A mature organization that acts in accordance with these values attracts and retains the talented people needed to innovate and sustain a healthy environment where people enjoy working together; which in turn benefits the entire community in which they live.